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The Vaults
by Toby Ball

I love such drafted period pieces, this one of the 1930s. It makes me think of the culture. This was one of slowly ascending musical, artistic and humanitarian tastes. All of our fellow citizen weren't able to celebrate life as others. And this tale is one of extraordinary search and growth. It also brings us back to sentiment of why love is ever so lovely. I also recommend this title.

Shattered mirror
by Iris Johansen

Another Eve Duncan thriller of intrigue and of course a skull reconstruction. When a skull is sent to Eve to reconstruct a beautiful woman emerges. But how did she die and who would do this. On a multi-continent hunt Eve has to worry about the danger she has now set her family in. Do you risk it for the killer just to put him away? And the life of the dead woman’s twin hangs in the balance.

To The Moon And Back
by Karen Kingsbury

This book was so well written and had so much emotion. The Oklahoma bombing left a little boy orphaned. Now a young man he visits the memorial every year. One year he met a young girl that lost her parents in the bombing. They made a connection but lost it with time. Brady visit every year hoping to see her again and leaves a note for her to find. The Baxter family becomes involved after meeting the young man but will the intentions of helping him find this girl affect a marriage in the Baxter family. I’m moved that this book makes you concerned with a marriage but also keeps you hoping for the lost love of two people affected by a terrible tragedy turn out for the best. It does turn out but not without its challenges.

The Cuban affair
by Nelson Demille

I found this book very entertaining. A former military officer with a huge debt issue on his boat helps a woman seek the location of her family, fortune on the island of Cuba. It has adventure and intriguing nature. The author has written another winner

Lego Ninjago: Return of the Djinn
by Kate Howard

In this reader book a genie/pirate named Nadakhan returns to Ninjago. He wants to destroy the ninjas to get back to his ship. Angelo really loves the Ninjago reader books. He loves the show so he enjoys the pictures that go along with the readers.

The Baby Tree
by Sophie Blackall

In this book a little boy finds out that his mom and dad are having a baby. Then he starts asking everyone around him where babies actually come from. All the people he asked had different answers. When he finally asked his parents everything that everyone told him is what his parents said....except his grandfather who he insisted he must tell where babies come from. Angelo thought the grandfather was funny for not knowing where babies come from.

Junie B Jones And The Stupid Smelly Bus
by Barbara Park

Junie B Jones starts kindergarten and has to ride the bus. She becomes scared of riding the bus and decides to hide in the supply closet. She gets herself into a lot of trouble and people start looking for her. In the end she calls 911 and everyone finds her. Angelo really enjoyed reading this book. He thought Junie was funny because of how naughty she was. He wants to check out the next book in the series at the library.

Where The Sidewalk Ends
by Shel Silverstein

This book is filled with amazing poems with engaging illustrations. Angelo really enjoyed reading through the poems each night. We checked out the 25th anniversary addition in hopes of being able to listen to the soundtrack, but it was missing inside the book. We will definitely be checking this book again to listen to the audiotape.

The Other Girl
by Erica Spindler Books

The Other Girl is a chilling suspenseful page turner. A detective crime novel with many twists and turns. I listened to the audio book on CD and had the eBook to follow along. Although a quick read, I did find myself rereading the first few chapters because of all the twists and turns that aren't immediately apparent. Officer Miranda Rader, of the Harmony, Louisiana Police Department is called to inspect a horrific murder scene of a beloved college professor. Her past turns up to haunt her in unexpected ways.

Fancy Nancy the tooth necklace
by Jane O'connor

This book is really funny! I like this book very much because I lost my tooth as school

Fancy Nancy the talent show
by Jane O'connor

This book is not good for me. I don't like lions.

Fancy Nancy Poison Ivy
by Jane O'connor

This book is about Fancy nancy picking poison ivy by accident. I don't like this book because I don't like poison ivy

Fancy Nancy Field day
by Jane O'connor

This book is about Fancy Nancy and her friend. It's good to be brave. I like this book

Sid And Sam
by Nola Buck

This book is about 2 good friends. One asked the other one to sing and it went very long. And they left. This book is too long.

The Doorbell Rang
by Pat Hutchins

This book is about 2 brothers and sisters with their friends coming over as they share their cookies. There were so many of them and they almost went out! But good thing Grandma came in with a enormous tray of cookies! I like this book because it's so funny.
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